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A Good Bra these days is hard to find..

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So i read an article a while ago that was headlined: “Like a man, a good bra is hard to find”. The author related a tale of being fitted for a bra at a large retail store – the discomfort of the experience, the techniques that the fitter used – and of course, the fact that she naively forgot to look at the price tags of the bras that the fitter was trying to sell her. When she got to the checkout, her total of nearly £300 shocked her, and she ended up putting all but two of the bras back, feeling bad about the whole experience.

With that kind of introduction to bra shopping, it’s understandable that you would form the opinion that a good bra is hard to find – and expensive too.

While that kind of experience is not all-that-common when been fitted, finding a proper fitting bra and been fitted can be a little traumatic.

The Multi Store Bra fitting Experience

For decades we have put our trust in sales assistants at various retail establishments when getting fitted for a bra. We believe in their ability, expertise and honesty ( in that they wont sell you the wrong size bra). Being pawed mercilessly by a stranger, exposing ourselves to people we’ve known for sixty seconds, and feeling like it’s impossible to find a bra that fits – let alone feels comfortable… any of this sound familiar?

One of the things that the author of the piece didn’t realize is that getting fitted at a retail store isn’t just uncomfortable – it can mean you’ll actually walk out wearing the wrong bra size! why ? Because the sales assistant is trained to make the sale, rather than ensure your bra actually fits you perfectly.

This is a particularly common issue for women with small band sizes and large cup sizes – which describes the majority of women walking around wearing the wrong bra size. Many retail stores only stock up to a D cup size – or maybe a DDD – and as a result, many women go through life wearing the wrong cup size because that’s all the store stocks!

Here at Cherche La Femme, this is something that will certainly not happen. If the bras isnt perfect, we wont be selling it to you. And if we have nothing in store that fits your perfectly, we will order it and let you know when it arrives. We carry a wide range of bras with large cup sizes and small band sizes – as well as bras with larger bands for fuller-figured women, and even ‘normal’ bra sizes you’d find in a typical retail store. Wearing the right size will change your life, how your clothes looks, your self confidence and comfort.

So, women of the world, it’s time to answer the age-old question: is a good bra really hard to find? It doesn’t have to be, and if it is ? Then you haven’t paid us a visit at Cherche la femme 14 Dublin Street Longford. Why not call us today and make your appointment 043-3344004. You wont regret it!

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