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Why Having good swimwear when going on holidays is essential

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Isn’t it just great to get away on a sunny break, to a warm climate where the sun puts a smile on everyone’s face! No sign of the summer here yet in Ireland, but i am holding off with the bad weather predictions until i see what July brings. Fingers crossed we will get a couple of GREAT summer months before the season flies by.

For those of you that are jetting off to warmer shores, to lie on beaches or by swimming pools, make sure you get this one important thing right…Wear A Proper Fitting Swimsuit or Bikini.

For us bigger girls this is a must, as a sagging wet bikini top is not a good look on us, and it can sometimes make it hard to just simply stand up out of water or the sunbed without some major adjustments going on. Get good swimwear and i promise you will never look back.

What are the advantages of a Good Swimsuit or Bikini

Comfort: High-quality swimwear is designed to fit well and be comfortable, which is crucial when spending long periods by the pool or at the beach. Poorly fitting swimwear can lead to chafing, irritation, and general discomfort, which can detract from your enjoyment.

Support and Coverage: Good swimwear provides the necessary support and coverage. This is especially important for active water sports or swimming, ensuring everything stays in place and you feel secure.

Durability: Higher quality swimwear is typically made from better materials that can withstand exposure to sun, saltwater, and chlorine. This means it will last longer and maintain its shape and color over time, providing better value for money.

Protection: Some swimwear offers additional features like UV protection, which can help protect your skin from harmful sun exposure. This is particularly beneficial during long days outdoors.

Style and Confidence: Wearing stylish and well-fitting swimwear can boost your confidence, making you feel good about how you look. This can enhance your overall holiday experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself more fully.

Quick Drying: Quality swimwear often has quick-drying properties, making it more convenient when transitioning between swimming and other holiday activities. Remember if you want to keep the colours at their best try hanging them in the shade to dry rather than in direct sunlight.

Investing in good swimwear can significantly enhance your holiday experience by ensuring comfort, durability, and confidence in your appearance.

Top Swimwear Brands


Fantasie is a well-known swimwear brand that specializes in creating stylish and supportive swimwear for women. The brand is part of Wacoal Europe, which is known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing lingerie and swimwear. Fantasie swimwear is particularly noted for its attention to detail, high-quality fabrics, and designs that cater to a wide range of body types, especially offering excellent support for larger cup sizes. Fantasie Bikinis, Swimsuits and 2 piece Tankinis come in a wide variety of colours for both the summer and winter season.

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is a prominent swimwear brand known for its focus on providing stylish and supportive swimwear for women with fuller busts and curvier figures. The brand is celebrated for its inclusive approach, offering a wide range of sizes and designs that cater to diverse body types while ensuring comfort and confidence. Aimed at the slighly younger market, these sexy styled Bikinis, Swimsuits and 2 piece Tankinis come in a wide variety of colours for both the summer and winter season.


Naturana is a well-established swimwear brand that has been known for its commitment to quality, comfort, and affordability. The brand has a long history in the lingerie and swimwear industry, focusing on providing practical yet stylish options for a broad audience. Mostly available generally in clothes sizes, these well priced swimsuits are mostly non wire with a padded cupped.


Anita swimwear is available through various retail channels, including department stores, specialty lingerie and swimwear shops, and online retailers. The brand has a strong presence in Europe and is also available internationally. At the slightly high end of the Swimwear market, Anita’s quality and fit is unbeatable and is well worth the investment. They also provide a fabulous Beach Accessory Collection too.

Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky is a swimwear brand that emphasizes comfort, style, and affordability. Known for its trendy and contemporary designs, the brand caters to a broad audience, offering a range of swimwear that suits different body types and fashion preferences. Check out their great selection of Tankinis and swim dresses. Both of these style swimwear are great for the modest sunbather.

As always you are welcome to try on and be fitted for your swimwear her at Cherche la femme. We are only too delighted to help you get it right 1st time so you can relax on your time away in the sun.

Happy holidays !

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