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Measure Me For A Bra Please.

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If you are considering getting properly measured for a bra and you are not quite sure of the way this is done, then have a quick read of this. It will put your mind at ease that getting professionally measure for your perfect bra is actually quite easy! Lingerie and Underwear shops in Ireland tend to much calmer and quieter than the bigger commercial stores, so you wont be standing in line waiting to be served in a noisy, busy environment. If it helps at all you can even call ahead and make an appointment so you are guaranteed your bra fitting at a time that suits you. You can call us here at Cherche la femme on 043-3344004 to make that bra fitting appointment, we are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm

What does bra fitting involve?

Getting professionally measured for a bra is usually quick and simple. We will ask you to take off any heavy layers, like jackets or jumpers but a light t shirt, blouse or vest are ok to wear. Always wear a bra to the fitting. We will measure around you with a tape measure, and assess how your current bra looks and fits. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Always let us know your likes and dislikes, we are here to help after all!

We will then bring you some new bras to try on, adjusting their straps as we go, until, like Cinderella, you find the right fit! We will then bring you some bras in the styles you require to try on, make the necessary adjustments to get the perfect fit and Voila! Getting fitted for a bra will normally take around 10 minutes with a professionally trained bra fitter.

Why is it important to get professionally measured?

A bra fitting is about getting a comfortable fitting bra that will give you great support, shape and coverage.It is common for some women to suffer from neck and back pain because of ill fitting bras, so it has health benefits too. A great fitting bra is good for your posture and your figure, making those special outfits look amazing. If you have a special occasion, or even just your favourite top or dress, bring your outfit with you to your bra fitting appointment. You will definitely see the benefits of a proper fitting bra then. Some dresses and outfits have very light materials in them and may require a smoothee underneath. We can help with that too !

Feeling confident and comfortable is what we want YOU to feel about yourself and great underwear can help with all that.

How often should we be measured?

At Cherche La Femme we recommend a bra fitting every 6 to 12 months, as we ladies can change size for lots of reasons, for example if we put on or lose weight, with age, pregnancy or menopause. Lockdown was really hard for women and their underwear drawer for the last couple of years as Underwear and Lingerie shop closures forced us to buy cheap ill fitting bras online and in discount stores. But fear not! We are back bra measuring now post pandemic.

We will maintain hand sanitiser and masks in our shop which we are happy to use if you are more comfortable with us doing so. We want you to feel that you are in a safe enviroment when you come to visit us.

Getting fitted for you perfect fitting bra is a free service if you are purchasing any of our products, or just €5 if you want your correct measurements but are not buying. You are welcome to avail of either service.

What are the most common misconceptions about bra sizes?

A whopping 82 per cent of ladies are in the wrong size bra. The most common mistake that most ladies make is wearing the under band too big. The second most common mistake is wearing a cup too small. If a bra is too small in the cup it will be obvious. Spillage or Double Boobing can be seen at the cleavage area and under the arm. If a bra is too big in the cup the it will wrinkle and show under your clothes. If a bra is to big on the back it will rise up the back and not give any lift or front support. If its too small across the back it will be uncomfortable and possible even cut or mark you.

So you can see the importance of getting a professional bra fitter to give you your right size so that you can wear a comfortable supportive bra all day ever day.

“After all,our bra is the first thing we put on in the morning, and the last thing we take off at night! “

So make sure you call to us to find your perfect fit. We promise it will be quick and easy, but will make a massive difference to how you feel about underwear. We carry extra small to plus sizes, from A to K cups, and 28in to 50in under band or back size.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Cherche La Femme, 14 Dublin Street Longford Ireland. Call 043-3344004 for your bra appointment or any information you need.

Sharon x

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