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Is There a Difference Between Sleepwear and Loungewear ?

Well winter is definitely here, and Christmas is on the way very quickly. We are all out and about Christmas gift shopping in Ireland and hoping that we won’t go back into another lockdown.

After so much time spent mostly at home this year and last because of Covid, it is of little surprise that we have been mostly wearing our Pyjamas and dressing gowns instead of our regular clothing, after all we didn’t have anywhere to go.

Yet as things start to get back to the way they were (and fingers crossed they will stay that way), so should your wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love women’s sleepwear as much as you do. I have a giraffe print Onsie at home that I live for on cold mornings and evenings, and while we’re all for comfort and warmth, let’s take a look at another category of clothing that’s gotten its fair share of the spotlight: loungewear.

‘What’s the difference’ I hear you cry…

Well the general rule is Nightwear or Sleepwear is exclusively for bedtime, while loungewear is for lounging, tipping around the house, watching TV or even going to pick the kids up from school. Nightwear is reserved for those much needed eight hours of rest you get every night. Some may argue that nightwear and loungewear are the same. However, a good rule of thumb is the doorbell test: if you feel the need to change before answering, that probably means you’re in your nightwear instead of your loungewear.

So loungewear is essentially comfort clothing that’s made for maximum cosiness during your leisure time. Loungewear has evolved from the tank tops and sweatpants you would usually wear on a day at home, to coordinated ensembles with tailored cuts that can take you anywhere from a grocery run to maybe even coffee with friends. They come in various materials, styles and colours and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your Loungewear is on trend and is quite acceptable to wear outdoors.

Aside from the comfort and ease that loungewear can provide, these kinds of clothes can easily be mixed and matched as well as dressed up or down. A lounging top can be thrown on with a pair of jeans to do the school run or if you are working from home and are still in your Pyjama bottoms, on that all important video call.

In my opinion Loungewear is too warm to sleep in. I would roast if I tried to sleep in my Onsie (lots of sweaty polyester)

Nightwear and Sleepwear

From your favourite cotton pyjamas to that sexy Chemise for days when you may have company, nightwear comes in different shapes, styles, fabrics, and cuts. Cotton pyjamas and Cotton nightdresses are wonderfully comfortable to wear. Warm in winter and cool in summer, cotton is the nation’s favourite material when it comes to nightwear and allows for easy free movement so it is great for hospital visits or nursing home stay.

When it comes to choosing your sleepwear or nightwear opt for breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton is one and bamboo is another material that is fast becoming popular. The last thing you want is sweaty nights, so go for an option that will keep you cool but comfortable as you catch some much needed z’s.

Other material favourites in nightwear are silk or Satin. Satin nightwear is a little more on the affordable side than silk nightwear and there are endless styles to choose from. Satin Pyjamas are a great buy either for yourself or as a gift to a friend or family member. They are a perfect Christmas gift for the wife or partner as they are considered and all year and place rounder (as in you can wear them at home or bring them away with you). Soft and luxurious to the touch, a nice pair of good quality satin Pyjamas will probably pass the doorbell test. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for basic colours or crazy prints.

Satin Chemises and Satin nightdress are the same, well apart from the fact that you might want to throw on a matching Satin Night Robe or Satin Dressing Gown before answering the door. The Satin Nightdress or Chemise comes in several styles also, spaghetti straps and wide straps, wired padded cups and soft cups, short, mid length or long full length and the Satin Nightdress or Chemise usuallyhas a lovely belted matching Satin Dressing Gown. These are a lovely gift idea, and you won’t be stuck for a nice colour or pattern. Satin Nightwear is our biggest selling gift item at Christmas.

Underwear Required: Do You Have to Wear a Bra?

Thinking about whether you need to wear a bra with these types of outfits may seem silly at first, but it’s a completely valid question to ask.

Simply put, with sleepwear, you don’t necessarily have to put on a bra, since sleeping with a wire bra may be uncomfortable. With loungewear, however, you might want to put a bra on even if it’s a comfortable non wire bra or bralette. Some loungewear tops even come with built-in padding, so you really have nothing to worry about as you get through your day.

These days, comfort is no longer associated with baggy bottoms and shapeless tops. Loungewear and nightwear have transformed not only the way we dress, but also the way we move and carry ourselves. Whatever your preference is, you’ll be sure to find sets that suit your style, mood, and budget with us. We have a wide range of both Loungewear and nightwear instore and online from lots of different suppliers. Indigo Sky, Ary and Belle and Marlon are affordable stylish collections that offer a vast array of sizes right up to the Plus sizes and, at the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is how you feel.

So if its Fleecy, Cotton, Satin or fluffy Nightwear or loungewear you need, our warm cosy nightwear and loungewear collection will fit the bill nicely.

Have a super comfortable day!

Sharon x

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