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Caring For Your Bra

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Properly caring for your bras can help to prolong its lifespan and keep it looking and feeling its best. How you wash your bras and how you store them will affect how long they will last.

Hand washing your bras is the recommended method of cleaning because it is gentler on the delicate fabrics and elastics used in bras, helping to prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your bras.

Here are some reasons why you should hand wash your bras:

1.Prevents damage: Bras are typically made with delicate fabrics, elastics, and hardware that can be easily damaged by the harsh agitation and high temperatures of a washing machine. Hand washing your bra allows you to control the level of agitation and temperature to prevent damage to the bra’s structure and shape.

2.Removes dirt and oils: Bras are worn directly against your skin, which can lead to a build up of dirt, oils, and sweat. Hand washing allows you to use a gentle detergent to thoroughly clean the bra and remove these impurities, helping to maintain its appearance and hygiene.

3.Maintains elasticity: The elastic used in bras can lose its elasticity over time with repeated exposure to high heat and harsh detergents. Hand washing with a gentle detergent helps to maintain the elasticity of the bra, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

4.Better for padding and underwire: Bras with padding and underwire can be damaged by the agitation of a washing machine. Hand washing allows you to gently clean these delicate parts of the bra without causing damage.

Hand washing your bra is a simple and effective way to ensure that it lasts longer and maintains its quality. Although it may be tempting to machine wash your bra for convenience, it is not recommended as it can cause damage to the delicate fabrics, elastics, and hardware used in bras.

Storing your bras properly can help to maintain their shape, structure, and prolong their lifespan.

Storing your bras:

Additionally to help extend the lifespan of your bras, it’s best to rotate them and avoid wearing the same bra multiple days in a row. This will allow each bra to rest and regain its shape and elasticity.

By following this advise, you can help to ensure that your bras stay in good condition and maintain their shape and support for longer. Here at Cherche La Femme we always recommend that you hand wash your bras as it really is the best way to care for them.

If you would like to be fitted for a bra, we offer a bra fitting service every day, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. No appointment is necessary and WE WILL MEASURE YOU FOR YOUR BRA. If you would like us to wear a mask while doing so, we are happy to do this for you. There is a small fee of €5 if you are just looking for a size and not purchasing, but if you are purchasing there is no charge for our bra fitting service.

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